Application for a bachelor thesis in the company

We explain step by step how to find the perfect company for your bachelor thesis – and then convince them of you!

Before you write an application for your bachelor thesis in the company, you should clarify the framework conditions with your university: Is it even possible to write your bachelor thesis externally? Are there already existing cooperations with companies? Inform yourself early and plan with at least six months lead time. Especially with the cover letter for the bachelor thesis you have to convince your motivation and qualification. To find the right company for your bachelor thesis, you can search job portals and search engines on the internet. For unsolicited applications, additional documents must be submitted. With us you will learn step by step how to properly apply your application for a bachelor thesis in the company – including a practical checklist!

Application for bachelor thesis: setting the framework

If you want to write your thesis in a company, you should first of all clarify the conditions that apply to your university or the chair – even before you submit your application for a bachelor thesis. It is particularly important to create a timetable for the bachelor thesis at an early stage.

Find companies for the bachelor thesis

To find the right company for your bachelor thesis, you can search job portals and search engines on the internet. Larger companies, in particular, regularly publish vacant positions for bachelor theses and publish them on corresponding portals. However, such tenders are usually associated with more or less fixed topics or specific topics for the thesis. On the job market of you will find more than 250 open positions for your Bachelor thesis in the company from the large corporation up to the Start Up. For this you just have to adjust the settings: At startup type, just uncheck “Internship” and select “Bachelor / Master / Diploma Thesis” instead.

Furthermore, you can also look on the bulletin board of your university for possible open tenders, on the other hand, of course, alumni and professors ask for recommendations. Visiting job fairs or days of the “open door” is also a great way to socialize.

If you do not find a suitable company with a topic suggestion that is interesting for you, you can of course also introduce yourself with your own Bachelor thesis topic. Before you make an effort with a detailed application for your bachelor thesis, you should always first call the appropriate company to ask if it is open for bachelor and unsolicited applications. Frequently, you will also receive the appropriate contact person for your Bachelor thesis application in such a telephone call. In addition, you should always research well, which projects are currently running at the respective company and keep the interests of the company in view. Specifically, what does the company have to do with your bachelor thesis? With which topic can you bring practical benefits and added value to the company?

Application letter for the bachelor thesis

Which documents your application should include for a bachelor thesis in the company, always depends on where you apply. If you respond to a concrete call for tenders with a fixed topic, the CV and cover letter are usually sufficient. If you apply for an initiative, you should also enclose a letter of motivation, a brief exposé and, if possible, a first outline of your bachelor thesis of your desired topic.

Especially if you apply for an initiative, you should always familiarize yourself with the appropriate company profile, before you formulate the cover letter. So you can better assess on which topic the company could have real interest and argue why just your chosen topic proposal for the company is valuable.

The cover letter for your bachelor thesis – no matter whether it is an initiative or a specific topic – should answer the following three main questions:

  • Why is the topic so exciting for you? Always place the topic in a current context: What recent developments have you? B. shown that the topic is currently relevant? Why should research be done in this area?
  • What exactly can you personally contribute to the topic? Indicate whether you have already dealt with similar topics academically or practically. What experiences have you gained that you can now bring to your research? Have you already attended courses on the topic or completed a relevant internship?
  • Which specific focus do you want to work on with your bachelor thesis? Provide the first exciting approaches for working on the topic and give an insight into the expected results. So you show that you can work structured and proactive. So you have the opportunity to build a real unique selling point.

Unsolicited application for the bachelor thesis

If you submit an application for a bachelor thesis to a company, you should also explain in a letter of motivation how you came to the topic of your work and why you would like to write it with the selected company. You should also attach an exposé in which you briefly summarize the content and intention of your topic and, above all, clarify the practical benefits of your work for the company. Limit yourself to a maximum of one page and the core aspects of your topic proposal. Finally, you show with an attached structure that you have already thought through the topic well and structured and prepared accordingly.