Abstract BT : What is pure?

What is an abstract again and how does it differ from a simple summary? We explain it and give a guide to writing.

An abstract of the BT (bachelor thesis) is a short insight and concisely formulated synopsis of your thesis. It serves the reader as a basis for deciding whether your bachelor thesis is relevant for him and whether it makes sense to read it completely. Not to be confused is the abstract with the foreword of the bachelor thesis or with the final part. Here there are great differences in content and form. In this article you will learn how to write a perfect abstract for your bachelor thesis and which formal requirements you have to fulfill. In addition, we’ll give you hints for finetuning and examples, where you can orient yourself.

Abstract for the BT: What matters

The aim of your abstract is to briefly and concisely represent your complete bachelor thesis and will shortly contain the most important stages of your thesis. You should also always indicate for which target group (s) your thesis is particularly interesting.

While the introduction of the bachelor thesis provides a content-related introduction to the bachelor thesis topic and shows what the problem or question of your work is, the abstract of the BT summarizes your complete thesis in a short and condensed way. It is right behind the cover page and thus before the table of contents of your bachelor thesis. The BA’s abstract does not have its own bullet point. The first chapter with a number is the introduction.

Not to be confused is the abstract of the BT with the summary or conclusion, which stands at the end of your Bachelor thesis. While you write the summary retrospectively and refer explicitly to the preceding chapters of your thesis, you can interpret the abstract of your Bachelor thesis as a separate publication. It is read in lieu of your bachelor thesis and does not form a coherent text with your thesis. In the abstract of BT is therefore z. For example, do not look ahead to the structure of your bachelor thesis.

Write an abstract: What belongs purely

In the abstract of your bachelor thesis you have little space and present the most important information to the reader shortly. To do this, you name the research question and the goal of your work, the main theses, your applied scientific method as well as the essential results, conclusions and the knowledge gain that results. Sometimes the Abstract BT also mentions the sources. In no case should you make a secret of your results, but name them clearly!

The structure of your abstract is based on your table of contents:

  • Introduction: research question, theoretical background, hypotheses
  • Methodology: applied examination and evaluation methods
  • Results: main results at a glance

Discussion: Conclusion and conclusion, recommendations for further research etc.

For a first outline draft you should keep in mind the most important stations and statements of your bachelor thesis.

Bachelor Thesis: Short and concise abstract

The abstract of your bachelor thesis covers only a very small amount of text (usually about ½ page) and should inform the reader as compact as possible. That is why it is especially important that you write succinctly, clearly and objectively and do not use any filler words. An abstract of the BTis not a review of your work, so you should not discuss critically or describe your opinion, but only the most important facts call. Nevertheless, the abstract of your BT should be written in such a way that it makes the reader curious about your bachelor thesis.

Finally, you should again check whether the most important results are included and whether the reader understands the abstract of your bachelor thesis even if he does not know the rest of the work. Also check any logical or linguistic breaks in the flow of text. Finally, let the abstract of your BT run through the word counter again and correct any spelling mistakes.

Form of an abstract: Often there are specifications

Before you write the bachelor thesis abstract, make sure with your examiner, whether there are specific requirements. Typically, the abstract for a bachelor’s thesis can not exceed 150 to 250 words, which corresponds to about half an A4 page. The contents are always dependent on the specific requirements of your professor. So first clarify with him what information is essential in the abstract BT and which you can omit. Here is: In time to ask!

The following keywords apply to every abstract of a BT:

  • exactly
  • Completed
  • short
  • just
  • lens
  • understandable

Abstract for the bachelor thesis: 2 examples

Abstract Bachelor Thesis Example 1: The aim of the present bachelor thesis was to theoretically compare the most important theoretical models for destination marketing and to empirically examine them by means of destination marketing in Eastern Canada. In addition, 15 tourism marketing experts in various tourism regions in eastern Canada were interviewed in qualitative interviews. The results largely confirm Meyer’s assumption that: … The following conclusion goes beyond this assumption after the evaluation of the qualitative surveys: … The Bachelor thesis is interesting for students in the field of tourism marketing as well as decision makers in the field of destination marketing.

Abstract Bachelor Thesis Example 2: This bachelor thesis gives an overview of the working conditions and consequences of production chains using the example of the company K2 Sports. For this purpose, the functioning of the production facilities in China was first examined organisationally. Thereafter, these findings were compared with the conditions of other sporting goods manufacturers and developed recommendations for action from the employee and employer perspectives for the future. The bachelor thesis is based on qualitative expert interviews and studies by Müller (2015) and Beyer (2014) on working conditions in China. The author hopes for a cross-disciplinary increase in knowledge through his research.

Thousands of abstracts as a template

The best abstract you write, if you are looking for a few templates from your department and you orientierst. At GRIN there are more than 10,000 bachelor theses – all rated with top grades. Enter some keywords from your topic and the word “Abstract” in the search field. In a matter of seconds, you will find bachelor theses on your topic, including related abstracts – and probably even from your university. Mostly you can even find bachelor theses with abstract written by your own professor!

Revise Abstract: 10 Tips for Finetuning

The following ten tips for correct finetuning help you to write a successful abstract for your Bachelor thesis:

  • The abstract of your BT is a short summary of your thesis, which is always prefixed to it
  • Only write the abstract of the BA, if your complete bachelor thesis is written: only after you have worked out the results, you can write a precise summary
  • The aim of your abstract is to give the reader a quick assessment of the relevance of your bachelor thesis
  • Unlike the final section, the abstract of the BT is shorter, self-explanatory and contains no rating
  • Look at other abstracts in journals and edited volumes that deal with a similar topic as your bachelor thesis: What is good, what is less successful?
  • Let the abstract of your BT read by fellow students and friends: To what extent is the abstract self-explanatory? What information is missing?
  • Always formulate in the present, eg. For example: “What does the bachelor thesis do” instead of “What will it do?”
  • Choose an exciting introduction to your BT abstract and do not just repeat the title of your work! Do not give away valuable space!
  • Do not copy sentences from the introduction or the final chapter, but completely rewrite the bachelor thesis abstract

Internationalized disciplines often require an abstract for your Bachelor’s thesis in English or an English translation of your abstract to internationalize your work. In these cases, usually only the abstract is written in English, the rest of the work in other languages.