Foreword to the bachelor thesis: That can be pure

Thanks to everyone, from professionals to pets? Here you will learn what belongs to the foreword of the bachelor thesis – and whether it is okay to have none.

The foreword to the bachelor thesis is not obligatory. If you want, you can put it in front of your thesis and describe your motivation for the bachelor thesis topic and your experiences during the writing. In the Bachelor Thesis Foreword you have the opportunity to present your personal view of the work and to thank the people who have supported you significantly during the work process. The foreword of your bachelor thesis does not refer to technical aspects, but contains only your subjective grade. It covers about one page and is still in front of the table of contents and the introduction of your bachelor thesis. In this article you will learn how to create an exciting foreword for your Bachelor thesis and which formalities you should consider – including a practical checklist.

Do you need a preface?

Writing a foreword to your thesis allows you – unlike the purely technical introduction of the bachelor thesis – to incorporate your personal touch into your work. So in the preface of your bachelor thesis you have the opportunity to present your motives, your motivation and your access to the topic of your thesis. Also, you can mention who supported you particularly energetically in writing your work. It is important that you do not deal with technical aspects in the Bachelor thesis foreword, but only address personal matters. The bachelor thesis preface you must therefore not confuse with the introduction!

It only makes sense to write the foreword of your bachelor thesis at the end. Because even though the bachelor thesis preface is at the beginning of your thesis, you can only really know at the end of the entire work process what personal things you would like to address and also make it easier to formulate your thoughts.

Foreword of the bachelor thesis: What belongs in?

The foreword of your bachelor thesis should contain about one page and has its own page number (preferably page 1). However, it does not get a chapter number. The first chapter of your bachelor thesis thus remains – regardless of any preface – always the introduction.

Before you begin to write the foreword of your bachelor thesis, you should consider what your supervisor or your readers should learn even before reading your actual thesis off the subject and which personal aspects are important to you for what reason. So you can in the foreword of your bachelor thesis z. To illustrate how you came to the topic of your work and what prompted you to write your thesis on exactly this topic:

  • Have you been suggested to someone’s central problem?
  • Did you come in contact with the subject during a course?
  • Have you been able to gain practical experience in the field of your thesis yourself?
  • Is there a special motivation that made you write?

In addition, you can also write about the external conditions of your empirical research or provide more information about you as an author. Foreword in the preface, as you see your bachelor thesis itself and for whom you think is particularly exciting.

Finally, it is good to thank those people who have actively supported you in creating your work. This can z. Your professor or supervisor, but also a fellow student or subject matter expert. The best you call the corresponding persons consistently with first and last name without title or addition. In addition, you can of course thank your parents or your partner in the foreword. However, you should be careful not to enumerate too many people, but only those who have supported you significantly.

You can mention the following additional points in the foreword of your Bachelor thesis:

  • Personal experiences while writing
  • Causes of the topic
  • Coped or unresolved issues
  • Work distribution (if the thesis was written by several persons)
  • Acknowledgment to institutions that have helped you

Our tip: Orient yourself for the foreword of your bachelor thesis with an example! The best way to read this is a number of well-graded other bachelor’s theses, which you can find in the library, at the chair of your university or on the Internet.

Thousands of example prefaces as orientation

For a successful preface, it’s best to look for suitable templates to find the right length and phrasing. For this, databases like GRIN with more than 200,000 scientific papers of all kinds are suitable. Find your topic in no time, skip 5-10 forewords and make your own foreword for your bachelor thesis.

Checklist for the foreword

To prepare the foreword of your bachelor thesis correctly, there are a few things to keep in mind. With the help of this checklist you can create the perfect foreword for your Bachelor thesis step by step:

Checklist for the foreword of your bachelor thesis:

  • Do not write more than one page
  • Personally formulate, but still remain professional
  • Writing in the I or We form (depending on the number of authors involved)

Only thank people who have helped you a lot and keep the order in mind:

  • First name those people who have supported you the most!
  • Always write first and last names
  • Provided with place, date and name